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Shortly after I started my blog 3 years ago, as some of you already know, I had an ischemic stroke, and in order to save my life a surgeon had to remove two clots from by brain. As a result I am now not only still alive, but the Lord guided his hands so that the artery walls were not damaged during the procedure. The Lord then blessed me even further because I have no residual physical or mental deficiencies from the stroke or the surgery to remove the clots. So it was that after a brief period, I was able to begin writing on my blog again. Now even though there are days when I ponder whether anyone really wants to see my photos and/or read what I have to say or the poetry that I present, I keep posting entries and Scripture because I want to bless Jesus in every way I can for His miraculous mercy and the new life He has granted me. In that way I feel like I am fulfilling my purpose and also, in a way, serving in a mission field. I appreciate any of you who want to share my posts on your blogs and you are welcome to do so even without my permission, but would you please do share it as a reblog so that others can find their way back here. Otherwise there is no link on your end for that to happen; giving my husband’s name is no help either as the blog is in my name only. This is a courtesy that really should be extented to everyone on any kind of social media site. Thank you,  Natalie

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  1. Good Morning Natalie, Your beautiful and inspiration postings/ blogs are a blessing to me each morning . Beautiful way to start my day each day❀️ Thanks Sandra

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  2. Natalie, I can assure you, you are a missionary. I love how you opening share what’s in your soul. What blesses you, blesses others.
    And that’s a beautiful watercolour painting.
    Just a curiosity, what do you mean by, “there is no link on your end for that to happen; giving my husband’s name is no help either as the blog is in my name only.” I don’t understand how you’re husband’s name come into play here.
    Love and hugs
    πŸ™‚ ❀
    p.s. oh yes, what an amazing testimony of God's goodness in your life. Amen.

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  3. Nat, you are a living miracle. Also those of us who read your work are always looking forward to you next entry. You are a bright spot with all your wise writings and insight into how the Lord works in each of us and our beautiful world He created.

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  4. Hi Natalie I love reading your blog, it’s a bright sunny one in this cold hard world 🌈
    I always reblog, my reblog was down for a while so I didn’t even touch anyone’s, because it’s your work and you should get the credit!!! Blessings πŸ’•

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  5. I do congratulate you on receiving God’s grace and protection during and after the surgery. I do also agree with you about the re-blogging issue, that should just be a basic kindness that everyone extends to everyone else.

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