Mornings glory

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Greeting the freshness of now,
morning slips off her darkest robes
and settles into the perfection
of a soft gown of pastel colour,
stretching to touch the baby blue hues
eyes eager to find the sign
of a blessed day to come.
Air hangs heavy like thoughts,
thunder and lightning now far from here,
sight and sound breathes calm
and I fall into peace staring off to the heavens
listening to the rhythm
of the beating of a heart
alive in the moment
finding a simple bliss.

Wild weather yesterday with lightning and thunder that rattled the house, love a good storm this time of year, water to nourish and cleanse and a morning sky filled with watercolor hues always allows my day to begin in a blissful calm I relish. Happy Momday my friends, keep calm and motor on.

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7 thoughts on “Mornings glory

  1. I felt as if I were there! Very original! Loved it. I’ve written one about Thunder. It is where you signed up before I reached you. This blog isn’t finished as it doesn’t even have a header, However, I think almost everything I’ve postedis probably there. Hope you had a good Sunday. Love, Marie

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