If you can’t…

And if you live anywhere like I do where it’s insanely hot right now help keep those who have to be outside hydrated. In our area the temps will be at 109 degrees Fahrenheit and higher for days and days. Also if you can find a group who takes fans to those who have no AC, please donate one. You might check with your local fire departments. When my husband worked for our fire department, they took fans to folks all summer. And while I’m on a kind of soap box, please thank our firefighters, police officers, and first responders when you can because they put themselves on a line of defense and protection for us every day, and some of them may not return home afterwards. Thanks!

28 thoughts on “If you can’t…

  1. High 70s low 80s in our part of the UK Natalie – and it has been like this and very dry for several weeks. The only AC we Brits have is in our cars so we are reliant on fans when it gets this warm. It is looking as if it will be a little cooler tomorrow and we may even have a shower or two!

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  2. We went through a heat wave last week. Now it’s cooling down to 80’s from 90’s and less humidity. Had a doozy of a thunderstorm a couple of days ago that broke the heat.
    Three cheers for all police and fire fighters for all they do to keep us protected and safe. They are our daily heroes and the bravest of the brave each time they venture out to do their jobs.
    Nice post, Natalie. Hugs to you and Bette. Xx

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