16 thoughts on “In order to love…

  1. Yes, as hard and as stupid as some of the choices we have made, it is truth, the choices helped mold us into who we are today. I guess that is where the saying, “Live and learn” comes from Natalie. Looking forward to the possibility of rain and a dip in our temps next week😊 I always enjoy your posts ❤️

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    This one is a real struggle for me when I think about what I call “the rebound from hell.” I suppose I’m still forgiving myself for this. How did that mistake make me who I am? Without that mistake, perhaps I would not value what I have today as much. It made me more compassionate for people who stay in unhealthy relationships. It makes me more thankful for the infinitely healthier relationship I have now. It helps me work on accepting the past and ultimately, forgiveness. I wrap my arms around that confused, hurting woman I was 16 years ago, knowing that God forgives me. Thanks for the opportunity to process this further…..

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