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Have you ever felt unliked and/or rejected by others? Are you familiar with pain? Have you sometimes been a man/woman of suffering? Have you at any point been held in low esteem by others? Has anyone even once offered to take up your pain and bear your suffering? Have you at any time felt ike you were being punished and/or stricken by God? If so, know now that someone was pierced for the transgressions of us all and crushed for the iniquities of us all and that by His wounds we are healed. His name is Jesus, and all that He is and has done for all of us is yours for the asking. NOTHING you have ever been or done will keep Him from answering your call. So if you haven’t yet, what’s keeping you from asking?

**Photo taken in her yard by Natalie: Scriptural text added by Natalie

Can you hear that?


Shhh, Be quiet and very still. It’s there a gnawing ache, scratching from within. A hunger, but that’s not quite it. A Longing, an emptiness, a vast pit of despair. If you’re honest, and I trust, that to be difficult, if not impossible, to admit.

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There is, though, a certain freedom in admitting that it is there. I have done the very thing to irradicate this agony. Use of any number of distractions in the form of substance abuse, activity, striving for status and adulation, etc. It all left me hollow and even more desperate. It has become my belief that this is in all of us, placed there by God, that we might seek Him and gain His Peace in the mere seeking.

_63794031_cappellasistina-creazionediadamo Michelangelo’s Creation of David in the Sistine Chapel

There is a slight problem though, alone again with my humanity I can’t endure…

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A Praying Mantis at my door


“May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.”
― John O’DonohueEternal Echoes: Celtic Reflections on Our Yearning to Belong

praying mantis

A praying mantis at my door,
I can’t ignore.

I look for signs
indications that you are near.

And even though,
I swish him out,
he stares at me,
there is no doubt,
perhaps he’s here,
just to say,
that everything will be okay.

He’s part of the cosmic stream,
a messenger on sacred beams.

In mystical times,
I just sense,
cherished gifts of recompense.

A porthole opens to give me bliss,
a dulcet moment,
a sacred kiss.

My praying mantis,
dressed in green,
quietly heralds the unseen…..

Image courtesy of PixaBay

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