The Birth of A Day*


Have you seen how the mornings spread across the sky,
as if Nature herself, with an invisible brush
drips water to the east on darkness of the night
and the horizons grow pale with every wash!


After a while her color palette shifts to blue,
her canvas brightens with virgin rays from the sun
and soon the silence of the air is broken too
by birds on rustic trees, meadows and city barns.


Then the fusing yellow dwarf takes over the scene,
like a child, jolted from the peace of his mother’s thighs.
The canvas turns into an art of reckoning,
exposed and merciless, in the blink of an eye!


*Thank You!

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Gospel of Grace

Susan Irene Fox

How easy it is to argue positions

Promoting derision

Advancing suspicions

Inflaming division.

When we let our mind be swayed by distractions

Building up obstructions

Speaking with aggression

Fixing on rejection

We lose our strong hold on Christ’s grace foundation

Forget His commission

To offer compassion

A hand of inclusion

And unconstrained love to all God’s creation

Those plagued with affliction

Who need no restrictions

To Father’s affections.

So let there be peace; cast off all confusion

Let Spirit’s immersion

Lead godly perception

Toward full restoration.

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