6 thoughts on “Sometimes you don’t…

  1. Lots of prayers going up for you and yours. Praying this is a great door for you to go through and that our Lord will wrap His mighty wings around you and yours. ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. In loving memory of sweet, precious, loving, beautiful Natalie. May her journey home have been paved with peace and comfort, and her arrival met with abundant loving light and warmth. (Rest In Peace – April 8, 2019)

    Natalie was in the hospital for 13 days. I spoke to her the first few days, then her daughter each day and night after that. It was a very difficult 13 days, for Natalie, for her devoted, heartbroken husband James, for her cherished and devoted daughter Nikki, for her entire family and many friends, and for me. Natalie and I fought her battle over the past year together, in ways that can’t be described in language, I was at her side the entire year, each day. On March 26, 2019, she had gone in to see her doctor with great tenacity, to put her foot down and find out what was causing all she was going through, and why nothing was working, she wanted answers and relief once and for all. She was immediately sent to the hospital after test results showed a serious illness, and it was one terrible thing after another once she got there. She fought so hard, harder than hard, but in the end her body was no longer able to. She passed surrounded by great love of those who loved her. I would never share even this small amount of detail about this, or any other part of her personal life on a public site, but since she did (a handful of posts below called “I NEED” – as well as others alike over the past year), I believe she’d want those who admired her, cared for her and felt blessed to have known her (and her them) to know what happened.
    She’s now home, with the Lord she loved so much. I will carry her with me each and every day. This life lost a beautiful Earth Angel. 💔

    Abundant prayers for strength and healing sent to her beloved family and dear friends. 💖



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