“Come on you raver, you seer of visions,
Come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!”
Pink Floyd

This is a dedication to the radiant “shining light bloggers” who are suffering in some way or other. It’s your light that illuminates the World…

love lights the world

Love’s effect is glowing light
that radiates,
and subdues
the night.

We shine across the great expanse
emitting light
in sacred dance,
darkened voids,
in places
where hate destroyed,
the sanctity of mortal souls,
when greed and power
took control.

Forgetting that
Earthlings are…….
formed in the light of stars!

Let’s scatter               love
and cast our fear,
with divine floodlights in the atmosphere!

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When a dark…

night of the soul pushes it’s way into the light of day and creates a dark day of the soul as well, the valley deepens into an abyss deeper than one has ever traversed before, the consolation is that his/her savior Jesus has walked that same path for his/her sake! And He walks it still with those who find themselves there on sacred ground where Grace is yet able to allay fear and anxiety and bring fellow travelers into the Light of His Presence and strength!

Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. -Proverbs 3:5

**Photo taken in her yard by Natalie

My little cedar box


“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes, because for those who love with their heart and soul, there is no such thing as seperation.”
― Rumi

a cedar box

I own a little cedar box,
and inside it
I placed a token of your heart,
a souvenir
with numbers
in metal,
just a memento
of the day the ocean
lovingly received
your mortal remains.

The crematorium’s
a tag of evidence
that you once breathed
and sang Earth songs,
the flames
your fingerprints
and you returned
to light.

And I’ve always loved this cedar box,
because its fragrance
and fondly bears my attention.
Its scent now contains
a halo of hope
for life everlasting.

When I bought this cedar box
long ago
before sorrow
blew me apart
it appeared lost,
as if it were waiting for an
eternal treasure
to hold
and absorb
with tender loving care.


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Moods of Saffron


the ocean
can calm itself,
so can you.
are both
salt water
mixed with
― Nayyirah Waheed

saffron auras

Moods of saffron
my eyes,
cerulean waves
of depth mesmerized.

From indigo blues,
splashes of heaven,
tickled my toes.

Silent reflections
translucent guides,
peaceful sensations
of warmth inside.

And love poured out in luminous light,
held by presence,
my soul became bright.

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If you can’t…

And if you live anywhere like I do where it’s insanely hot right now help keep those who have to be outside hydrated. In our area the temps will be at 109 degrees Fahrenheit and higher for days and days. Also if you can find a group who takes fans to those who have no AC, please donate one. You might check with your local fire departments. When my husband worked for our fire department, they took fans to folks all summer. And while I’m on a kind of soap box, please thank our firefighters, police officers, and first responders when you can because they put themselves on a line of defense and protection for us every day, and some of them may not return home afterwards. Thanks!