My mom Natalie

* My mom was an eloquent writer–an artist with words.

* My mom was a gardener–waiting and working expectantly for spring and the roses that abound in her yard right now.

*My mom was photographer–enjoying the colors and sights that God put into this world.

*My mom was a quilter–making each quilt a special treasure for the one she was making it for.

*My mom loved me fiercely–I’m proud to call her my mom.

**Most importantly, my mom knew Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord–God forgave her for her sins because she called on Jesus in faith!

My mom met Jesus face-to-face on Monday the 8th. We will all miss her terribly but are glad we get to see her in Heaven one day!

Thank you to all mom’s blog friends. I know she loved you. Here are pics of her garden blooming right now!

47 thoughts on “My mom Natalie

  1. Her site alone could light up the darkest skies for eternity, filled with so much love, glory, hope, faith and beauty, and that’s just her site. Your mother was like very few on this Earth, truly an Earth Angel who touched the lives of countless people. And sweet Nikki, you were the sun in the middle of her galaxy. ❤ That was a beautiful tribute Nikki, and she truly did (and does still) love you FIERCELY … speaking to me about you often. May the Lord and his fleet of angels surround and comfort you, your father and your entire family … with abundant love, strength, healing and help to see you through this time. Love you Nikki, love to your father as well. ❤ ❤ ❤ (3 kisses)

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  2. Blessed Natalie-you raised a radiant and spiritually powerful daughter-and I know this from reading her words here! My fervent prayers for the progress of your soul and for your husband and child to go forward. May it be that one or both of them will find a way to continue Sacred Touches.

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  3. Oh no, I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family at this difficult time. I was honored to call Natalie my friend, and to be able to read her words every day. I will greatly miss her. Heaven certainly has a new angel. ❤

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  4. I am so sorry.
    I enjoyed your mom’s posts so much. They were a bright, beautiful spot each day. Her thoughts and quotes led to thinking and smiles.
    Blessings and prayers to you and your family~💖🙏

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  5. Sending thoughts, prayers and lot love you way… Your mom, our dear Natalie, is with our dear Lord and Savior, but will remain in my heart and the hearts of so many she touched until that great day of our reunion with Him. You and all of your family remain in my prayers. ♥

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  6. Oh, and by the way Nikki—your mom made two quilts for Autumn, our little granddaughter. She made them a little over a year ago just before Autumn’s birth.
    She’s coming down to visit this evening and as I spread out the quilt on to the floor for all of Autumn’s playthings…I thought joyously about your mom and I know how happy she is that Autumn loves both quilts 🙂

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  7. I am so sorry to hear of her parting. I “knew” her for a long time here on WP and we commented on each other’s posts all the time. A little less in the recent times. But we shared a love for flowers, fairies and the sweet things in life. I feel her loss strongly, and can’t believe I will never see her comments again. But I know her faith was strong and that she is safe with the Angels now. I will miss her! Sending her, and her beautiful family, all my love and comforting thoughts. 💖💖💖💖

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  8. I am very sorry for your loss, and for mine. I will miss your mom’s positive, reassuring messages. She was able to combine beautiful images and words in a unique and wonderful combinations.

    Thank you for this post.

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  9. I’m so so sorry for your loss. I loved your Mom so very much. She helped me through deep moments of grief when my son changed worlds and was an avid supporter of my blog. I will miss her terribly.
    Fly with the Angels darling Natalie, until we meet again one day in glory.
    Love you forever Sweetheart!

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  10. Thank you so much for letting us know. Sad for us but happy for her. She is whole again and with her Lord and Savior. Of course we grieve, but as those who have hope! Blessings.

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  11. Natalie has brought so much joy to so many lives by sharing the beauty of our Lord and His creation. Now she sees our Savior face-to-face and that joy will never end. “Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy if your Master.”

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  12. Your tribute was a truly awesome one for your Mom!!! Your Mom was so great! I loved our exchanges and the beautiful, wise and wonderful posts were so meaningful to me! I shared her posts almost daily with my followers.

    I was so worried and anxious after reading her post on her condition. I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom! She will indeed be missed by all of us who followed her and were blessed by Her work and Her Spirit!

    I hope that you and your family will be willing to keep her blog here on active for those of us who have not been able yet to go through her previous archive. Since we will have no new posts by our beloved Natalie it would be really wonderful if you could keep her blog active so we can start at the beginning and work our way forward. can assist you in keeping the blog active.

    My heart goes out to you and your family! Let me comfort and lift you up in the knowledge that your Mom/Natalie is Beloved on!!!

    I have a poem you may comfort you also – A Flickering Soul Let me know if you would like me to send it: or my contact page on my blog – the reluctantpoet
    Blessings to you, My Dear!

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  13. Thank you for letting us know. I feared the worst after her last post and her silence since then. She fought hard and loved hard. We will miss her daily optimism here on WP. I’m grateful that she rests now in God’s loving hands.

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  14. Your mother’s courage, creativity, compassion and enduring faith were a daily source of inspiration, encouragement, and comfort to me and to many others. May that help soften the sharp edges of your family’s grief.

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  15. Having recently lost both of my parents, my heart goes out to you. As a writer, mother, and grandmother, I absolutely love what you have shared here about your mom. Oh, how much she loved you (from the Grand Beyond)!
    Blessings on this resurrection day! ❤️🦋🌀🙏

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  16. After not hearing anything more since her last post, I feared she was getting worse. I feel for you and your family as you go through this grief. Certainly your mom touched many souls with her beautiful photography and loving heart. Thank you for taking the time to share this news with us. May you find comfort in knowing she lives in the light and love of Christ

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  17. Thank you for writing this wonderful tribute for a wonderful lady. Natalie’s blog was the only one I made sure to look at every day. Her beautiful photos and inspiring messages have sent powerful ripples of love, hope and joy into the world. I know she loved you and her family very much. I miss her greatly, but I know her spirit is alive and well and her love continues. Wishing you and your family comfort, blessings, and deep peace.

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  18. My dear, dear friend, no matter how strong my faith, what I believe in – including knowing that you aren’t feeling the pain those still on Earth feel and will continue to without your wonderment here with us … a wonderment you spread like pollen, I am absolutely discombobulated without you. Years worth of connection, daily calls for an entire year of those years, and a bond like no other. Each day there’s something I want to tell you, share with you, tell you about, listen to from you and all that was in-between (seriousness, laughter, glee, jokes, love … even some lessons). I believe with all of my heart and spirit that we either knew each other from “before” or that we were sent to each other … it was too divine. In fact, you too said that in one of the countless comments shared between us over the years. With no one left to make up and share funny words with (you always beat me, but you stole a few of mine too ::smiles::), I miss our playfulness more than words in a little box can say.

    Thank you for the “gift” of Nikki and for sharing who we were/are to each other with your family. Until it’s my time to go home, I will never, ever forget you, you live in my heart. Each morning while sipping my coffee, rather than calling or texting you now, which I do admit is “quite quiet,” I go to the page I made for you, immediately hit the play button on the song, read the words of your essence, and continue to let the song play – 3 hours of beautiful music that plays as I think of you, that sings it’s melody as I look out at the reserve, that continues to keep you with me as I go down to fill the bird feeders and trim some of the bushes and flowers. With all of the birds, butterflies and dragonflies returning, hearing the song from my porch while downstairs playing in my magic garden, while not the same, you are in fact, with me.

    What you went through, all you went through, for as long as you went through it, was unfair. However, not only is their a purpose for all things (still trying to figure this one out), but you endured it all with so much grace, strength and tenacity, even on the days when you felt more fragile. What can I say that I haven’t already said to you personally so many times, or online since you departed, you were a precious and extremely treasured presence in my life – a 30 some-odd year difference in age, yet a best friend, very much so like family.

    I prayer for James, Nikki, your grandchildren and your sister each day, carrying each of them in my heart as I go about my day. Your departure has left scarring, but as you would say – all scars heal. I don’t know how long this one will take to heal, but I will hold them in my heart until it does. Me? What’s one more scar right? (sad, but you’d laugh, then I’d laugh, then we’d both be laughing).

    I was honored creating “Heart of Natalie,” – it flowed out of me, as if it were coming from you … it just might have. Much Love from Earth Bitty.

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  19. Thank you for sharing this news. May you and all the family sense God’s nearness and feel His comfort. I have been greatly blessed by your mom’s “Sacred Touches” and very thankful for her sharing the beauty and wisdom in them. I will miss her also, but as you said, I am so glad I will see her in heaven.
    Deep Sympathy,

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  20. Ohhh — I am so so very sad and will greatly miss Natalie’s constant cheery messages. I was looking for her as I’ve had less time to blog recently and somehow knew in my heart she had moved on to her beautiful and wondrous heavenly home. With prayers and sympathy. Shalom


  21. Reblogged this on lepapillondeslivrescerclerenevigo and commented:
    Such a loss – Never more ” hugs and thoughts ” for Nathalie. Prayers too. And so many thanks for her messages, beautiful, strong, positive, inspired by God.
    A few years ago, she was talking about her travel in Europe, and France. She loved Paris, she knew Paris so well. Breakfast in front of Seine, Saint Louis des Invalides, pastries – macarons from Ladurée.
    Do share your peace again and again.
    Vous nous manquez, dear Natalie.
    Je craignais le pire après le dernier message. J’espérais car Natalie était si forte.
    Merci once more
    Merci à sa fille aussi, avec mes pensées si tristes mais chaleureuses pour sa famille.
    France Fougère


  22. I remembered Natalie today and thought I would come over and look through her inspiring blog posts again, and then I found this wonderful tribute. Cannot believe it is already three months!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings ❤ Your mom is a wonderful spirit, and she looks out for you as she always did. God bless you, and I pray for comfort and peace for you and the family.


  23. Ah my dear Bitty….

    Aside from living in my heart, thoughts, your energy always in my daily life, your picture is now a permanent fixture on my wordpress layout, all posts and pages. Being on this platform without you wasn’t feeling quite right, now all feels as it should. Love you MUCHA-LARGERLY! Dearest Nikki, I love you and live in gratitude and so much appreciation for you remaining in touch with me and extending the bond between your mother and I to now include you and I. I know it’s a hard adjustment, and that’s putting it far too mildly, but I do hope that knowing how much I keep your mother’s physical life alive in memory to as many as possible, in any way that at all that I can, causes you joy. I wish you so you so much abundant peace and eternal love.

    You can find her place on my blog on the lower right hand side of my site’s layout, right under my mom, and there’s a post under the left hand side links relating to it named Natalie on my Blog. ❤ xox

    Love you (Natalie & Nikki),


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