My mom Natalie

* My mom was an eloquent writer–an artist with words.

* My mom was a gardener–waiting and working expectantly for spring and the roses that abound in her yard right now.

*My mom was photographer–enjoying the colors and sights that God put into this world.

*My mom was a quilter–making each quilt a special treasure for the one she was making it for.

*My mom loved me fiercely–I’m proud to call her my mom.

**Most importantly, my mom knew Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord–God forgave her for her sins because she called on Jesus in faith!

My mom met Jesus face-to-face on Monday the 8th. We will all miss her terribly but are glad we get to see her in Heaven one day!

Thank you to all mom’s blog friends. I know she loved you. Here are pics of her garden blooming right now!

64 thoughts on “My mom Natalie

  1. Bonjour Amies Ami

    J’ai un cœur, tout tendre qui bat
    Un petit cœur qui pourtant est grand comme ça
    Il y a toujours une place pour une personne

    Mon petit cœur est peux-t être fragile
    Il m’a dis un jour
    Que tu as réussi à trouver le mot de passe pour venir sur mon blog

    Que ce code n’était pas très compliqué
    Il est fait d’amour et d’amitié , de tendresse et de douceur
    Ce n’est pas parce que on ne se voit pas ,que cela n’existe pas

    Mon petit cœur te souhaite une bonne journée
    Un bon week-end
    Prends soin de toi, Bisous Bernard

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  2. Though you are gone – we love you forever Natalie and we know where you have gone is far, far more beautiful than even your garden and that all who love you will see you again. Please know on earth you are remembered and loved and we hold your memory to our hearts always.


  3. Oh, I missed this post! I hadn’t seen any posts in a while and was wondering how Natalie was getting on. I’m so very sorry for your loss. What a beautiful, precious soul Natalie was, I will miss her here. ❤


  4. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon Ami ,Amie

    Notre amitié elle est importante pour moi
    Tes petits messages déposés sur mon blog
    C’est comme une flamme d’un feu de bois
    Qui dans mon cœur me met de la joie
    Cette amitié je la regarde comme le soleil ou une étoile qui brille dans le ciel
    Elle reste éternelle
    En attendant je te dis bonne journée ou belle soirée
    Bisous amicales


  5. I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Mama. I have been wandering around my blog today and realized that I hadn’t heard from her. She was ALWAYS one of my biggest supporters and I feel so horrible that I am just now returning here. It makes me realize my short comings. She commented such sweet things on my blog and I truly loved her sweet presence in my life. She was an encourager. I’ve always wondered what would happen to my blog and if my sweet daughter or husband would pop on to tell my friends, I am sure your mama would have been so pleased that you did for her.

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  6. On this day of January 12, 2022, I am just now seeing this. My heart is saddened to read this. What a gracious woman and oh the gifts she had to share with the world. My deepest condolences to you and yours. I was blessed to have connected with her and be inspired…


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