311. What greater gift that the love of a cat? ~Charles Dickens

There are two means of refuge
from the misery of life –
music and cats.
~Albert Schweitzer


This post is in loving memory of Tuxie, our 10 month old kitten, who lost his battle for life today.  We have never known a sweeter boy, and it is the greatest of sadness knowing that he’ll never again hug our necks in the night or brighten our days with joy.  Goodbye our sweet, sweet boy.  We pray you are being held in the loving arms of an angel.

Be merciful to me, Lord, for I am in distress; my eyes grow weak with sorrow, my body and soul with grief.  Psalm 31:9   ✝

27 thoughts on “311. What greater gift that the love of a cat? ~Charles Dickens

  1. Oh Natalie—I am so so sorry. I have two –one boy and one girl–both of whom I love dearly—but it is Percy, my little boy, who seems to pull greatest at my heart.
    My heart aches for you as I pray for comfort. I truly believe God knows how much we love our pets and how much they provide much needed care and companionship to often weary hearts—yes there is indeed room in the vast Heavens for our animals–as there is for all of God’s animals–
    Your precious Tuxie was loved and he loved you—that in itself is such a treasured gift.
    But I know that your heart is now raw and strained—
    Much love to you dear friend—-


  2. I am so sorry Natalie, what a sweet kitten. May the Lord comfort you and any others affected by this loss that has touched your hearts deeply. May joy be released through this sadness. He is no longer suffering. Sending hugs xxx


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  4. Sitting alongside you in spirit with a sigh and a hug for your loss. God gives us these marvelous creatures for a time…sometimes way too short. May you know His peace during this time of loss! Blessings ~ Laura


    • Me too. We’ve had both cats and dogs and love them both. But I really think we’re partial to cats and the little guy we lost was such a sweetheart. His mother brought he and his siblings to our yard when they were just weeks old, and he was the one that warmed up to me first. I began noticing that he made a funny sound and as it turned out somehow his trachea had been crushed. So after he became more and more used to me we brought him in and had been trying along with the vet to keep him alive inspite of the issues he had with his trachea. But earlier this week, he took a turn for the worse and lost his battle for life. Of all the cats James and I have had, he was, we do believe, the sweetest and most endearing. He had a way at night of wrapping himself around our necks as if he was hugging us and would sleep that way as long as we’d let him. So I will always hear his little gravely voice and feels his neck hugs. 🙂


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