360. …Monet portrayed the changeability and flux of every moment. “The Water Lilies” give you a jittery, amorphous sense of a world seen at the speed of light. ~Jerry Saltz

I gathered them–the lilies pure and pale,
The golden-hearted lilies, virgin fair,
And in a vase of crystal, placed them where
Their perfumes might unceasingly exhale.
High in my lonely tent above the swale,
Above the shimmering mere and blossoms there,
I solaced with their sweetness my despair,
And fed with dews their beauteous petals frail.
~Florence Earle Coates


Wow! Don’t ya just love to be wowed?! According to the dictionary “wow” as an expression of excitement was first recorded in Scots in the early 16th century. But the dictionary doesn’t tell us what it was that generated enough excitement to inspire the “wow” in Scots, and I for one would really like to know. I love to be wowed; Creation and the Lord wow me over and over again in ways like no other. Okay, okay, I know; so what is the connection between water lilies and a word that expresses astonishment or admiration. Well…yesterday, we drove through our local Botanical Gardens and I noticed they had put some water lilies in one of their ponds and was thrilled to find something new to “feed” my camera and thus my soul, but wait, that is not what created the “wow” factor although water lilies are “wowish” enough in their own right. It was something I read about them when I got home that prompted the really animated “wows.” According to an encyclopedia, “the Fragrant Water Lily has a unique pollination strategy. On the first day that the flower blooms, its pollen is not yet released. Instead, a fluid fills the centre of the flower covering the female parts. Should an insect visit the flower, the design of the petals causes it to fall into the fluid. If the insect is covered in pollen, the pollen dissolves in the fluid and fertilizes the flower. The next day, no fluid is produced, and pollen is released instead. The insect that falls into the fluid usually emerges unharmed; although a few unlucky ones may be trapped and drown.” Is that amazing or what?! This is exactly why I garden and love gardens and God as much as I do. He is in the goodness and “wow” business, and He does both like nothing else! The world may be in flux at every moment, but the Lord is true and faithful to all His promises and His inherent goodness.

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine; he browses among the lilies. ~Song of Songs 6:3 ✝

Thank you, Lord Jesus, that you save, you heal, you restore, and you reveal Your Father’s heart to us! You have captured me with grace and I’m caught in Your infinite embrace!

19 thoughts on “360. …Monet portrayed the changeability and flux of every moment. “The Water Lilies” give you a jittery, amorphous sense of a world seen at the speed of light. ~Jerry Saltz

  1. okay–if I was one of those bug who fell in the nectar, I would be saying WoW and probably a few other choice words–but WoW to what a beautiful shot—the colors are gorgeous—and funny how I’d taken a quick break from today’s chores, catching up on posts when I saw yours—wow again 😉


  2. Yeppers, I’ll bet those bugs would be saying that! I’m so glad you enjoyed my “wow” moment! I hope your chores are over soon. I’m off to see a new doc about my arthritic feet. Hugs and love, N 🙂


  3. I hope this doctor offers positive results!! I took Brenton for the CT this morning. He now has strep on top of the other—I’m telling you, raining and pouring!! The scope is scheduled for next Tuesday—they couldn’t do it sooner—that was my “are you freaking kidding me?!” moment—but it is what it is—just lots of prayers for healing—either medically or miraculously, plus working in our crunch for time—now that may need to be miraculous—
    I do hope you, your feet and knee may all start feeling better soon!!
    All my love—cookie


    • He put a cortisone shot in my foot and we’ll see what happens. If that doesn’t help, we talked about surgery.
      Lots of prayers, you’ll get missy! Remember God is still in control of everything!!! Love, Natalie 🙂


  4. I don’t comment often, but I just wanted you to know that you’re still in my prayers, and I still think you have the “WOWest” blog ever. Hang in there, my dear. You’ve heard the old saying, “The first hundred years are the hardest”. After that… it’ll be a piece o’ cake! No more sorrow, no more pain, for EVER! 🙂


    • Well thank you so much that tonight was the night you decided to make a comment. I laughed out loud about the “wowest” blog ever! I am hanging in there even though some days are still a struggle as was today. Bless you for your kind words and reminder that one day there will no more pain and no more sorrow. Blessings and hugs and love galore for the wow moment you sent me tonight. Natalie 🙂


  5. Natalie,Dear ! No wonder I am constantly strolling around your gardens and collect beauty and bliss … What a wowish post and a perfect analysis on the ‘ wow ‘word along with the amazing properties of the water lily ! Wow and wow again and again,and many thanks for having included the Song of the Songs …
    Every Day a Natalie Post,Every Day a Hymn to God and His Wise Creations …
    Love as always and hugs , Doda 🙂


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