508. All our lives we are engaged in preserving our experiences and keeping them fresh by artificially sprinkling the water of memory over them. ~Vimala Thakar

Memory is a child walking the seashore.
You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up
and store away among its treasured things.
~Pierce Harris

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 6.04.36 PM

Events-a heartbreak here, a miracle there-come and go weaving the experiences of our seasons solidly into the fabric of our lives and who we are. Layer upon layer of growing moves us through doors that forever alter our reality and render us somewhat different than we were prior to each particular journey. And as we leave behind places and people, time attempts to swallow them up. But we carry the treasured “pebbles” we pick up with us into every new arena because they’ve etched indelible marks in us which continue to reverberate deep within our hearts. And these memories of past events that we’ve “stored away” never cease to ebb and flow even from behind foggy mists of forgetfulness. With me they are often remembered in moonlight reveries when seeking the feel of God’s presence or when lingering in places of beauty with no other agenda but to relish the glory of all that He made.

In the secret,
in the quiet place,
in the stillness
You(God) are there.
~Excerpt from the lyrics of a song
by Chris Tomlin

I will perpetuate your memory through all generations; therefore the nations will praise you for ever and ever. ~Psalm 45:17   ✝

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34 thoughts on “508. All our lives we are engaged in preserving our experiences and keeping them fresh by artificially sprinkling the water of memory over them. ~Vimala Thakar

  1. What a beautiful post about memoyr Natalie…
    There’s a wonderful post , it reminds me of a song by my favorite French singer, Barbara, who also was an incredible poet…

    D´un autre temps,
    D´une autre vie,
    Tu me reviens.
    Dans l´eau du paysage,
    se mirent des visages.

    Des aubes pâles,
    Des matins pâles,
    Tu me fait mal
    Quand tu ramènes vers moi
    Ceux qui ne sont plus là.

    Thank you Natalie, and much love to you 🙂 Have a nice week ♥


    • Wow, two treats today! What a lovely poem and song. Thank you for taking the time to send me these, Cher. I’m glad you enjoyed my memory post. Savoir que maintenant e pour toujours, vous êtes un doux souvenir pour moi. Hugs, N ❤

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  2. That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. Thank you so much for sharing it. I just have to share a Bible verse that comes to my mind.

    “15 Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.

    16 Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.” Isaiah 49:15-16

    Hugs and Blessings,


  3. Divinely beautiful words! Loved your wonderful thoughts on memories. The quotes are just awesome. I like the unique style of your writing……………even the sadness and void seems so perfectly beautiful. Love it. Stay Blessed! 🙂


  4. This is beautiful N. I especially like this:
    “we carry the treasured “pebbles” we pick up with us into each new arena because they’ve etched indelible marks in us which continue to reverberate deep within our hearts. ”
    You know, over the past year I have had a lot of past memories come up and it felt like they were not-so-long ago. However, they were from my childhood, or youth, but felt like happened yesterday. It really made me start to think about the brevity of life and how it really is so short. I just turned 40 last year, and so I guess that could be considered middle-age (more or less). I started to think about how it’s normal to start having these memories and feel as if they were just yesterday. I was thinking that this could possibly be why so many people go through the ‘mid-life crisis’. I guess if you don’t have peace about your future and where you’re going to spend eternity, a mid-life crisis is quite normal.
    Love the photos too.
    Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.
    Love and hugs – MS
    🙂 ❤


    • Wow, 40. I vaguely remember 40. Memories are our treasures. They keep us grounded in the knowledge of the shoulders we’ve stood on to get us where we are. We can’t dwell on them or live in the past, but they can and are a healing balm on many a day. I hope you don’t have a mid-life crisis and that you enjoy this time in your life. I pray you have a splendiferous week, missy Staci! Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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      • Hehehehehe. I’m not going through a mid-life crisis. But I think that people that don’t have peace go through them. And I’m wondering if it’s because these childhood and youth memories pop up and this point in life and all of a sudden your faced with the fact that they seem like yesterday. And you realize just how short life really is.
        I’m having the time of my life at this stage. Never been happier.
        You also have a wonderful week Natalie.
        🙂 ❤


  5. A lovely post. It made me think about my mother who has Alzheimer’s and how hard it is for me to talk to her. I get so frustrated and upset because I cannot talk to her the way I used to. It is not just that though, she was a great knitter and loved working with her hands. All those skills are now lost. But I still have some of the items she has made to remind me of her. Those are my pebbles to carry with me to to own children. 😀


  6. You flawed me – literally flawed me and left me without words, which you know is a difficult task. I don’t even know how to respond, I’m flawed – flawed in your truth, in your literary choice of words, in your astute perceptions, in all of it — I’m flawed. So much love to you Natalie! So much!!! ❤


    • You’re flawed, I’m flawed, we’re all flawed! But it’s the cracks and flaws that let in the light, is it not?! You have a huge and loving and very compassionate heart, my young friend! I pray that you are blessed all of your days. Much, much love to you too, Kimberly! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • First of all, you crack me up! You are such a goofball and I adore that about you. Sarcastic wit, sharp wit, goofy wit – nitwit? haha! (sooooo kidding). The first part of your comment was so funny, to me anyway, maybe I’m the nitwit? 😀 Thank you for your beautiful and kind words about me (young though – not anymore – but aging gracefully). 🙂 Having a huge heart and being very compassionate is both a blessing and a curse. I’ll take the curse any day – because the blessing far outweighs it, but believe Natalie, it comes at a hefty price. That was the most lovely prayer anyone has ever prayed for me (well, told me about out loud). Thank you so, so much sweetheart. ❤ ❤ ❤ xoxoxoxoxox


      • Sarcastic wit? Sharp wit? Goofy wit? Nitwit? Okay, is this a multiple choice thingie we’ve got going here. If so I’ll choose all of the above because I believe I resemble all those remarks, if you don’t mind. Someone, who shall remain nameless, has even referred to me recently as a Biddy wit. And that is the only one I’d take exception too. Because! Because just simply not the truth!!!! And because I way, way, way too sweet to be an old biddy!!!! (((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))) ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

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      • Waiiiiiiiiiiit one minute. My Biddy comment, which of course was said with sarcastic humor lol …. was only after you called me a whippersnapper, which I grant you, is quite true, unlike you being a biddy, I am indeed a whippersnapper, but that’s how it all started LOL. P.S. I use the saying “I resemble that remark” ALL the time. Love you – dinner time! ❤


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