554. When a man moves away from nature, his heart becomes hard. ~Native American Proverb, Lakota Sioux

If you listen close at night,
you will hear creatures of the dark,
all of them sacred –
the owls, the crickets, the frogs,
the night birds –
and you will hear beautiful songs,
songs you have never heard before.
Listen with your heart.
Never stop listening.
~Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 11.17.33 AM

May the sun
bring you new energy by day.
May the moon
softly restore you by night.
May the rain
away your worries.
May the breeze
blow new strength into your being.
May you walk
gently through the world and know
its beauty all the days of your life.
~Apache Prayer

The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, You call forth songs of joy. ~Psalm 65:8   ✝

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26 thoughts on “554. When a man moves away from nature, his heart becomes hard. ~Native American Proverb, Lakota Sioux

  1. Lovely Natalie. What a sweet prayer. The first nations people’s have a real respect for, and understanding of God’s creation. We can learn a lot from them about seeing God in the beauty of His creation.
    What a great quote too (the proverb). It makes me think about the rise of the Industrial Revolution and where we are today concerning faith, values, principles. Western society is not only considered as post-industrial, but also deemed as post-Christian. Hmmmmm.
    Hope you’re well Natalie.


    • I don’t know that anyone ever loses their humanity totally, but I think hearts away from the natural world grow harsh and indifferent towards their fellow man and they lose sight of what’s really important and sacred. They tend also to be lacking in an ability to be kind, compassionate, and benevolent as well. At least that’s what it seems to me, Yoshiko. Hugs, N ❤

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  2. the owl took my breath away!! And I very much appreciate the wisdom of our Native American forefathers as they truly understood / understand man’s relationship to and with Nature—as in our precious gift from the Master Creator!!!
    Thank you for this uplifting piece of wonderment as it provides that which is full wisdom, humility and awe. . .
    Hugs and love—cookie the owl lover


    • Wow, what kind words you’ve bestowed upon me tonight. I knew you loved owls that’s why I picked one for this post rather than any of the other animals mentioned. And I agree with you 100% about our Native American forefathers. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and send love and hugs your way.
      N ❤


  3. There is so much to learn from the wisdom of the First Nations. I’m glad you mentioned these wonderful quotes here which I love and have experienced, too. They are so true. Hope you are fine, Natalie, have a wonderful week-end, virtual hugs, Mitza


    • Indeed there is Mitza, and I’ve always loved their wisdom. My husband’s grandmother was part Apache and Kiowa. I am doing fairly well these days. Thank you for asking. I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well. Hugs, N ❤


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