704. …What lies beyond the borders of this peaceful place… ~Excerpted lyric by Pyramaze

Outside the window
sits a pot of gerberas
opening the day


Beyond them bloom some
roses in the kitchen bed
near the patio


Onward is the rose
covered arch over a small
porch and rocking chair


Bye, bye for now but
if you come back we will take
other looks beyond
~All haikus by written by
Natalie Scarberry

My first waking move every morning is from my bed to my reclining chair in front of my big glass doors that open onto the patio. From there I have a commanding view of about half of my backyard. And since the back of my house faces due east, I’m privileged to watch daybreak through the towering trees every morning. Even when it’s cloudy, the light slowly and captivatingly increases as the day dawns. This time of year, sunny or cloudy, what’s beyond those windows is the greatest show on earth. Its beauty represents years of clearing and digging and planting most of which was done, I might add, while I was still teaching. Now that I am retired, I am at last able to reap fully the rewards of the Lord’s blessings therein and my years of longing and labor. And I can honestly say that it was worth every bit of the hard work, the set backs, the failures, the tears, the back issues, and the worn-out knee which I just had replaced. For this–this piece of ground with its flowering beds is a holy place, a sacred sanctuary, a little piece of Eden in which my soul is fed by Him whose Presence yet haunts His Creation. It is where I’m reminded every day that I am His and He is mine, and I thank you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for this place and that gift.

You will see it with your own eyes and say, ‘Great is the Lord–even beyond the borders of Israel!‘ ~Malachi 1:5   ✝

32 thoughts on “704. …What lies beyond the borders of this peaceful place… ~Excerpted lyric by Pyramaze

  1. truly a garden of serenity and peace—joy and mastery—both His as well as yours as you have worked in tandem with the Master Creator—you plant, tend, and toil as He unfolds His secret treasures for your grateful pleasures!!!
    Wishing I was sitting there in the awe of the moment—
    love to you my dear friend —

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    • Oh I so wish you could come visit this time of year. It’s just so splendiferous! Isn’t that a great thought, working alongside the Lord. He has taught me so many things along the way! Hugs, N 🙂 ❤


  2. So lovely is your yard and can see why it would be a sanctuary. You with the grace of God have created a little piece of heaven here on earth. Love, V

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    • Thank you, Trini. It’s a joy for sure to wake up and behold what’s abloom for the day. I’ve gone out every day for decades looking to see what new is happening for the day and when I find it, I squeal with delight like a child. I also sing and talk to my babies and pray over them when they are ailing. Oh yes, I’m certifiably a crazy gardening junkie. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤


    • Thanks, Raewyn, it is a haven and I love to run away out there. I didn’t see the bird when I took the shot but was so glad to see the little guy when I loaded the photos on the computer. The spiral thing he’s perching on is a watering station for my birds. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤


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