709. We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with sleep. ~William Shakespeare

We live in between the act of awakening
and the act of surrender.
Each morning, we awaken to light,
and the invitation to a new day
in the world of time;
each night, we surrender to the dark
to be taken to play in the world of dreams
where time is no more.
~John O’Donohue


We become not a melting pot
but a beautiful mosaic.
Different people, different beliefs
different yearnings, different hopes,
different dreams.
~Jimmy Carter
God’s gifts put man’s
best dreams to shame.
~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The name of this wonderful pink rose is Belinda’s Dream, and since she is one of my favorites, I have two of them planted in different places my yard. Her blooms, especially in the spring and the fall, are always and definitely the stuff of which my garden dreams are made. And whenever I photograph her, I always think to myself, “What beautiful dreams, she, whose name this rose bears, must have.”  I wonder who she is!

For God does speak–now one way, now another– though no one perceives it. In a dream, in a vision in the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they slumber in their beds. He may speak in their ears… ~Job 33:14-16a   ✝

43 thoughts on “709. We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with sleep. ~William Shakespeare

    • Let me know if you have any trouble finding it. The ANTIQUE ROSE EMPORIUM here in Texas is a mail order place where I order roses, and I feel sure they have it. I love that you are going to plant one in your garden. Then we’ll be gardening twinkies too. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤


  1. God’s gifts put man’s best dreams to shame,indeed Natalie Dear!Feel overjoyed that I learnt about this beautiful pink beauty!Believe it or not,I loved her not only for its showy appearance,but also for her sweet name!Thank you my friend for this glorious post;you must be proud to have such elegant Ladies in your garden!
    Love & Warm Spring Hugs to you 🙂 ,Doda ❤ xxx

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  2. Gorgeous photo and flower. I can see why you really love her. Your reflection and quotes are just beautiful as well N. Great post, my friend.
    Bless you. 🙂 ❤
    p.s. so sorry I haven't been around much. I've been soooo busy trying to get our house ready to move into and at night I'm sooooo exhausted. ❤

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