845. I hate August in Texas! I hate August in Texas! I hate August in Texas! ~Natalie

It’s beyond miserable outside.
Everything is turning or has turned brown.
I can’t use my oven because it heats up the house too much.
I’m confined to being indoors most of the day.
My water bill this month was astronomical.
And so yes, I’m having a melt down,
literally and figuratively!

Screen shot 2015-08-18 at 4.26.53 PM

I’m uninspired and apathetic,
and this sweltering heat
has completely overwhelmed me
this time around, my friends.
So I’m taking a break from my blog,
from my weeding, actually more or less
from everything for a few days.
Be back soon, I hope.
Okay, so go ahead and call me
a whiner or a wimp or a big baby or all three.
You’ll get no argument out of me.

This was my situation: The heat consumed me in the daytime…and sleep fled from my eyes. ~Genesis 31:40  ✝

**All images in collage via Pinterest

35 thoughts on “845. I hate August in Texas! I hate August in Texas! I hate August in Texas! ~Natalie

  1. Oh, N, I feel your heated pain, literally! I don’t think there are many degrees separating you and San Antonio. My water bill is fine, but electricity is going up to almost $400 a month! *sigh*…..guess what? I hate August in Texas too! ❤ Love and distant hugs (too hot for the close ones, lol)

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    • Yeppers, Fort Worth is probably just as bad as San Antonio. I’m so sorry your electric bill is going up so high. It seems Texas utilities are getting very pricey.
      Love the line about distant hugs because it’s too hot for close up ones. Boy do you have that right! Love and distant hugs, my friend. 🙂 ❤

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      • I think that Texas utilities are getting as bad as Florida, When I lived there, the bill went up to around 5 or 6 hundred a month….*gasp*….crazy how they can get away with that!! It is cooler here, so I hope it has cooled down there too. If so, enjoy it. I hear that it is short-lived. Love and hugs! ❤

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      • When I’m in Greece I know that heat is really weary, but then I jump into the sea, cool down and love when the sun dries all the droplets on my body. That’s when I feel best, listening to the waves and seeing some purple colors behind my closed eyes. In some days I will leave for Greece. Have a wonderful week-end, virtual hugs Mitza

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