His Face

Upward Bound

My Comment:
This is a poem about ‘seeing’ God. Of course I am aware that in our human state we do not see Him, and yet I would suggest to you that there are many ways of ‘seeing.’ Seeing Him in the realm of beauty, especially if that beauty is a part of nature is, for me, a natural part of living. Where better to see Him than in the creation which He made…the beauty, the peace, the comfort of His presence as well as the comfort of His promise “if you seek me you will find me.” Here is my poem:

Soft falls the night, pensive, still
Wrapping arms of silence
About the woods and hills.
But of you listen closely
There is something you will hear
The echoes of His greatness
Whispering in your ear.
And if you’ll then remember
To look up and seek His face
You’ll see His…

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2 thoughts on “His Face

  1. So lovely. I do ‘see’ His face every day. In the face of a sleeping babe, the sparkling eyes of a young child. The kindness of man to others and animals that our Lord gave us. Of course cannot leave out the rebirth of the gardens year after year to remind me He is forever in my life and smiling down on my meek efforts to bring beauty to the land He has given me.

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