Peacock Prairie

September 27, 2015

Seasons come and seasons go as the tapestry of my life unfolds.


Where does life experience come from? is it pre-planned? or merely coincidental?


I’ve heard it said, my thoughts shape my destiny.


This rings true with my soul.


I’ve also heard it said, prayer is power.


This also rings true with my soul.


I’ve noticed the universe attempting to teach me with repeated similar experiences.


And I’ve learned.


But sometimes life gives me unexpected experiences.


Experiences that seem totally unconnected to my thoughts, my prayer life, or my growth.



Blessings to you from the pondering prairie.


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5 thoughts on “Tapestry

  1. Nothing is fully explainable, I believe. Miracles happen every day whole disasters also “rain down upon us.” Trust and prayer lead me forward, Natalie. “Draw near to Me in faith.” Thank you, Natalie for your beautiful words and photos. xo

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  2. I agree with what reocochran had to say, but occasionally understanding does come usually (for me) at a much later date. Then I can say “oh, so that is what it was about’. I think then that the important point is the trust I have (or failed to have) at the time. Our faith is based on trust. When we say to God, “No, that can’t be right” and consequently go in our own direction, we have become our own god. So many times in the history of the Old Testament this is what the Israelites did, and I feel that those episodes are there for our learning. You are so right to seek to learn therefore from happenings that may seem strange. Just listen to what you hear and pray and you will be guided by the one who does know what it is all about. I loved your illustrations and appreciate what you had to say. He hears you and understands. Hugs!


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