Is the mess in our world only God’s problem?

Endless Light and Love


My Dear Friends,

I came across this image this morning and thought…Wow!…

Isn’t that the truth?…Is poverty, famine, greed, war, disease, injustice in our world only God’s problem?

Should we wait for him/her to deal with it for us, or, should we stand up and be counted?…..Actually get up off our butt’s and do something about the problems in our world!

We are after all, guardians of this planet, guardians for our future, for the future of our children. We all have an obligation to take ownership of what goes on in our world, we are all part of humanity, we are all part of the problem and the possible solution….We are stronger than we think, we can do something about these problems and issues, we can make change, we can stop greed, we can stop injustice, we can stop starvation, we can ALL make a difference and change the…

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17 thoughts on “Is the mess in our world only God’s problem?

  1. Bonjour en ce début de semaine

    Quoi de plus que la joie de vivre

    C’est un rayon de lumière
    Qui luit au creux du jour

    C’est une caresse de rosée
    Qui rafraîchit nos heure

    C’est un sourire insolent
    Qui égaye les cœurs

    C’est une fleur fragile
    Qui se cueille avec douceur

    Dans le jardin des envies
    Je te souhaite une Excellente journée

    Gros bisous

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  2. Yes it is the job that God gave us when He made man and put us on His earth. That is to take care and guard all that He has given us, not our job to take over and decide what we want to change of what He gave.

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