991. The autumn air is clear, The autumn moon is bright. Fallen leaves gather and scatter… ~Li Bai

That’s no December sky!
Surely ’tis still June
Holding her state on high
As queen of the noon.
For only the tree-tops are bare
Clear-cut in the perfect air…
~Edited and adapted excerpt from a poem
by Robert Fuller Murray

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 3.54.13 PM.png

Now the seasons are closing
their files on each of us,
the heavy drawers full of certificates
rolling back into the tree trunks,
a few old papers  flocking away.
Someone we loved has fallen from
our thoughts, making a little, glittering
splash like a bicycle pushed by a breeze.
Otherwise, not much has happened;
we fell in love again, finding
that one red leaf on the wind.
~Edited and adapted poem
by Ted Kooser

He (God) made the moon to mark the seasons… ~Excerpt from Psalm 104:19  ✝

10 thoughts on “991. The autumn air is clear, The autumn moon is bright. Fallen leaves gather and scatter… ~Li Bai

  1. seems there are lots falling from thoughts these days–as in a rake is greatly needed, or a lawn blower, or mower…making way for a different look, a look that appears to be less than, empty and forlornly melancholy—-time to wonder, wander and wait…
    Hugs from Georgia

    Liked by 1 person

    • More of ours are falling now too. In fact the willow at the back always looks like it’s raining leaves this time of year. I will leave them until it gets hard to walk on the grass and then I’ll get James to mulch them with the lawnmower. But I’ll leave the ones in the beds so they can blanket my baby seedlings.
      Love and hugs from your Texas Tumbleweed, 🙂 ❤


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