Solstice Song

Masked Native

Shape shifting

The Winter Solstice brings more wind, more rain.

A single bird sings with many voices in the Holly tree.

The song is vibrant, clear, urgent. I long to understand its message,

but all I can hear is joy, all I can see is the Holly Tree,

singing to the wind and rain.


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8 thoughts on “Solstice Song

  1. Bless you for being able to hear JOY in the wind and rain. Grrrrr ….. The winds this year have been awful! Winds I just am not too fond of as neither are my cats. So I must be morphing more into cat then human after all. LOL ❤

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  2. Love this Natalie. Now I’m going to read the original post, because I love it. And there really is joy in days like this one. I even found joy in getting my apartment back to almost clutter free again. Still a little bit, but it will always be a little bit since I keep my craft and crochet things near my chair, handy for the times I am not able to jump up and look for them. Have a wonderful rest of the day. Hugs, A.

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      • I did, and I’m now following her. My roots are in Ireland, so I find her living there interesting.
        I’ll never be clutter free, but I do try to be open enough that I won’t trip over the clutter. It was terrible before today before I managed to get most of it moved from the floor to the craft room. Much better now.

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