Still Point

Teacher as Transformer

Max Reif describes the rush of life and the calling of nature somehow overriding that rush. The poem reminded me of biblical passage from Matthew 6:28 describing lilies as just being.

What is my hurry? What roots me in this place and time? I overlook the depth of those questions. I enjoy reading Wendell Berry‘s essays about farming. He reminds me that farming is a love of place and time. The small farm is home for people and nature. There is no separation.

My mother said farmers do not need Daily Savings Time. Depending on the time of the year, they understand their work based on the time and space they are in at that moment. When I think of the world as unpatterned, I sense its majestic wholeness and not compartments, rendering them virtual.

Leaving home
for work
each day

I hear the trees
say “What’s your hurry?”

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The Light in Our Story

Rivers Renewed


As our pen seeks the page, our hearts remember

the scars, the beauty of pushing through

the pain. But there is so much more –

we long to be filled with the right words

to inspire us, to inspire others

prophets with a pen

declaring freedom.


With oceans in our eyes scanning the horizon

searching for the purity to guide us

it’s a type of prayer really

opening up our minds

we create.


Pursuing those letters, the right combination

and suddenly with revelation,

there is light in our story

the love we need

in our poem.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

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When shadows cross your path!



“When shadows cross your path,
remember they are but shadows, not reality.
When clouds obscure the sun,
remember they are but clouds.
When beset by trial and difficulty,
remember these are but birds of passage
that will continue their flight
when they have but rested for a short while”

– Spiritual Teacher Silver-Birch

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