Life is too ironic…

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I pray that all of you have had a marvelous few days. After a 13 hour drive today, James and I are exhausted. During those long 13 hours today, I did, however, do my best on my phone to catch up with your posts and your comments on my posts. I’m sure that I missed quite a few of them, but I just can’t do any more. So since I really need to start with a clean slate in the AM and not feel so overwhelmed by trying to do more catch up, I just deleted everything in my inbox. I don’t know why just sitting in a car is so tiring, but it is, and today was the 2nd one out of the last four that we’ve made that long a drive to and from Texas to Colorado. It was great to see our daughter and her family and to be able to visit our grandson who is in the hospital, but it’s good to be back here. Not only did this passage above ring so very true in light of things that happened and were talked about this past weekend, but so does the old adage, “there’s no place like home.” And I might also add that there’s nothing like one’s own personal stuff and food and bed. All that being said, I wish you all a good night. God willing,  I shall be back to blogging in the morning. Love, Natalie

**Images via Pinterest; collage by Natalie