Ontologically, chocolate raises…

Ontologically, chocolate raises
profoundly disturbing questions:
Does not chocolate offer natural revelation
of the goodness of the Creator just as chilies
disclose His divine sense of humor?
Is the human born with an innate
longing for chocolate?
Does the notion of chocolate
preclude the concept of free will?
~David Augsburger

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Ya know, I realize this post and the previous one stray a bit from the norm on my blog, and hopefully it is just the intense heat that has temporarily fried my brain. I hate July and August in Texas and when it was still right at a 100 degrees Fahrenheit at nearly 7 PM on August’s first night, I think perhaps something not altogether good snapped in what remains of my brain. So why the heck not finish the day with something fun and silly and pray that tomorrow I shall have regained what little sanity I have left. Love, Natalie

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