Peace, Love and Patchouli

In our perfect imperfection

the images move through our minds

visions of all we seek to be

yet somewhere within,

not feeling up to the standard

when the bar was set too high on purpose

by the other fragile minds

and the talking box that tells us

it’s never gonna be enough.

We close our eyes and imagine our truth,

the way we see it

which often is like the carnival show

out of spec and enunciated to extreme

and so we move through the lives we live

never feeling quite tall enough

beautiful enough

and we begin to hear our voice within

and seldom standing up to say no wait,

this is so very wrong

for we are perfection in our imperfection,

we are strong and we can be better

than anyone would ever see

for the strength of soul shines

when least expected in the darkness

and voices…

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If a year…

were tucked inside of a clock,
then Autumn would be
the magic hour.
~Victoria Erickson

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 9.21.04 AM.png

The autumnal equinox is here and the tides of the Earth are changing once more in this time of balance between day and night before night takes over and brings the coming of winter. And now the trees are going to show us how lovely it is to let go of dead things.

**Images via Pinterest and the Internet; collage created by Natalie