1300. The child I was is just one breath away from me. ~Sheniz Janmohamed, a Canadian born writer

…little faces sweetened laughter
bubbling- – dappled golden jeweled memories
delightful as butterfly wings carry
wishful mind explosions
in brilliantly colored balloons,
a to and fro gliding spin..
~Excerpted lines from a poem by Sue Ashby posted on https://scvincent.com/2016/11/14/tire-swing-dreams-by-sue-ashby/

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 4.05.20 PM.png

Sunday afternoon, I was working in a flowerbed in my front yard and listening to young children laughing as they played across the street. It reminded me so much of times when my two sisters and I played as children in California. Those were halcyon days indeed, and I yet have such fond and venerated memories of those early days. Then on Monday I read Ashby’s poem above and again the revered memories came flooding back in the kind of “wishful mind explosions” of which she spoke. On top of that, when we drove by a local school yesterday, the children were out playing on the playground, another prized memory of mine, and so boom, the “brilliantly colored balloons” glided even higher still. And now today two photo images I found on Pinterest sent the lovely balloons soaring almost to the moon and back! And no, some elderly dementia has not set in (she say’s tongue in cheek); these things have just helped me touch base with my inner child, a personage with whom I frequently like to visit. In fact it was a healing mentor decades ago who told me that it was a must to not only stay in touch with our “inner child” but it’s also essential to feed and nourish that child on a regular basis! Thus in these troubling times especially, it’s of utmost importance to remember and reconnect with the childhood “joy and intense happiness” as well as the “real meaning of life” spoken about in the lines below. Like Janmohamed and me, he too seems to believe that we should always remain “just one breath away” from childhood. Why so? I believe it’s because it is the part of us closest to the sacred breath of life blown into us by Yahweh, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 3.27.51 PM.png

When I look back at that freedom of childhood,
which is in a way infinite, and at all the joy
and the intense happiness, now lost,
I sometimes think that childhood is where
the real meaning of life is located,
and that we, adults, are its
servants – that that’s our purpose.
~Karl Ove Knausgaard

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, And for His wonderful works to the children of men! ~Psalm 107:8  ✝

**All images via Pinterest; collage by Natalie. The images of the girls swinging on the beach is a especially fond memory of mine.

16 thoughts on “1300. The child I was is just one breath away from me. ~Sheniz Janmohamed, a Canadian born writer

  1. The innocence and honesty of children is so refreshing. They see love in things that adults see hate and their ability to forgive easily is such a blessing. Alas adulthood often takes away a lot of this away and the world hardens us.

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  2. I love love love this post, sweetest Natalie! 💖💖💖. (And so cool that you quoted one of the big sons of Norway! 😊) . Whenever I am troubled or feel unease I always bring out my little inner girl to play and be comforted. There is something so calming and grounding about connecting with your inner child. Sometimes just looking at photos from your childhood 💖. Childhood was a magical time for me and many decisions I make in my adult life is inspired by the dreams I had as a child. I owe it to that little girl to give her a happily ever after 💖💖😊.

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    • Thank you Trini! I love my inner little girl too and she often brings back the voice of calm and peace for me too. My childhood was magical as well my friend and I miss those days a lot!!! I love your last line and couldn’t agree more!!! Love you so much my dear pink friend!!! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Oh, Natalie, yes, yes, yes! I’m in my 5th or 7th childhood now. I would love to go back for a few minutes or seconds just to experience it all again and appreciate it in ways I never really appreciated it when I was young. Youth really is wasted on the young, probably because they are so eager to grow up and take control of their own lives. I would happily go back and relinquish control to my parents again just to feel the air on my face as I swing into the wind or lie on my back in the grass and watch the cloud pictures in the sky. I would try that now but would need the paramedics to help me stand again. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Oh but we can do it in our hearts Angie. I sit outside sometimes and rock in my chair and when the wind blows I can almost feel that salt air blowing in my face. I’m so glad you enjoyed my post and that it brought you good memories!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


    • I know Noel and I’m so sorry and sad that many children are deprived of a happy childhood! I wish I could do something to change that but sadly my own child didn’t have as magical childhood as I had. I was very fortunate and blessed indeed! And over the years I’ve tried to figure out what made mine so extraordinary and I’m still not sure why it was! Hugs and blessings my friend‼️❌⭕️

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