So many busy bees

If you garden at all, even if it’s just in pots on a balcony or patio, please consider planting things that attract bees so that we can save them from extinction. For those of you who fear you’ll be stung, what I can tell you is that I have several types of flowers that the bees swarm about when the flowers are in bloom, and I can still move in and around those areas tending to my flower beds. When and if I do get too close and get a buzz, I just calmly back away and go work somewhere else for a while. But do do not swat at them or become a threat. Bees are very important pollinaters, so much so that there are foods that we’ll never have again if the bees are lost forever. And it has been said that if the bee poplulation should vanish mankind will not be far behind it. Perhaps that’s why scientists are trying now to substitute robot bees in their place. Regards, Natalie