For the last several months my sister and I have been hand making quilts for family members. She actually does the hand quilting when they are all pieced and ready to be hand basted to the batting for warmth and the lining to cover the batting and the back of the pieced together quilt. The process involves cutting thousands of pieces that have to be sewn together to make the overall design of each quilt. For example this is one of the 20 blocks that will make up the quilt we are currently working on. Each block has 48 pieces that had to be hand cut and then sewn together.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.18.42 PM.png

Each star is unique in that though they all have the same eight colors in them, all the fabrics are different so that each star is not exactly the same. And though our grandmothers cut each piece of their quilts by hand, nowadays they have created a rotary cutter with a very sharp blade like the one I was using today. And because the blade is so very sharp one never puts it down without retracting the blade. However, as I was working on a design for another quilt today, my rotary cutter flew out of my hand as I was trying to retract the blade and landed blade first in the top of my right foot. Needless to say lots and lots of blood began to pour out of my foot and because we couldn’t seem to get it stopped, James called 911 who walked me through what I should do until the fire department and the paramedics arrived on the scene. Here is the portion of the block I was working on at the time.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.10.48 PM.png

After the paramedics artived and got the bleeding stopped at least for the moment, they recommended that I go on to an Urgent Care facility or an Emergency Room. So off we went, and hours later I came home with stitches in my foot and a new tetanus shot. And the point in my telling you all this is that I’m just too tired to read emails, comments, or posts tonight. I pray that all of you had a marvelous and less accidentally eventful day. I’m not in any pain at the moment but I am very tired as I lost a fair amount of blood. Below is a photo of said foot complete with its stitches. They still hadn’t cleaned all the dried blood off my foot and so my foot appears to be very blotchy. After it was all said and done though, they did wash both my feet since I cannot get the wounded one wet for several days. Love, Natalie

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.34.17 PM.png

**All photos taken by Natalie