I’ve gotten several…

emails from Google+. They say that I’ve posted objectionable material, and I can’t find any way at all to contact them or find out what it is that I posted that prompted this. I’m posting the same kinds of things that I have posted all along. They are threatening to stop allowing me to post on Google, and that is very disturbing and unfair since I have no clue as to what my offense I’ve committed. So I”d like to know if anyone else experiencing this. And does anyone know how I can get in touch with Google about this? I’ve replied to their emais to no avail sadly. Natalie

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  1. I had a similar experience on Pinterest and I was able to contact them and they changed the way they notified people. It turned out I had reposted something from someone else who did not have permission to post. Now they tell people that is what it is when they contact them instead of making them feel like they’ve done something criminal. There must be a way to contact Google + and enquire into this. If people following you on Google+ don’t like your posts, all they have to do is unsubscribe. I enjoy your posts thoroughly. They’re the only ones I follow assiduously when I haven’t time to follow anyone else. I’m in your corner.

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  2. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to get in touch with Google. Look the emails over carefully for any indication that they might be “spoof” emails. Is the Google Logo correct? Does the email address you by name? Are they asking you to do anything? You might check the help files to see if you can find how they define objectionable material. I can’t imagine what you could have done, but the world is a bit crazy at the moment. I understand your frustration Natalie, but boy Google is a tough one. Good luck

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      • It looks legitimate to me too, but I wouldn’t click on links just in case. Bob suggests trying emailing spoof@google.com and ask if they sent it or if they can verify it as something else. It may or may not work but some of they major online companies have this way of reporting and clarifying potential spoof emails. You might try looking at the user content and conduct policies they mentioned by going directly through Google. They specifically mention spam, but I’m not sure why. I try to stay away from Google as much as I can because of this kind of thing.

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  3. I agree with Dorinda – definitely sounds like this is a scam. Don’t reply or click links Natalie. The emails may look as if they came from Google but on my mail app I can click a drop down arrow and see what the email address of the sender really is. Also by hovering the cursor over any links you should be able to see the web address the links will take you to – in most spam emails some of this links may be genuine, others may not.

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  4. It’s possible that a followr. has shared something on your google plus account. Ha r you checked all your posts to send if someone shared something disagreeable? Or as Dorinda suggested it could be a fiscal g. Site. Sorry this has happened. It’s terrible.

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  5. I see nothing which seems questionable in any way, Natalie. They should give you an option to contact them with questions. Try their “HELP” section…

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  6. Same thing happened to me on Pinterest not too long ago. It is frustrating, for sure. I contacted HELP and assume they fixed it, because I wasn’t contacted again. Hugs & prayers that this get taken care of for you, Natalie… 🙂 xo

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  7. Google? The whole internet is used for sharing almost anything…I’ve seen some objectionable stuff on Google, this has got to be a scam. I wouldn’t worry about it. You don’t seem to be a threat at all Natalie . 🙂

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