11 thoughts on “Words have not…

  1. So true, Natalie. I have a copy of a favorite “sayin'” hanging on the wall across from my nest that reminds me to “Taste your words before you spit them out” in big bold letters. I really have to read that over several times each day to keep my tongue from getting me in trouble. Hard to take back something after it hits the air! Love you, sweet Lady! ❤

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      • Sweet Natalie, today I found some treasures! Some posts from my original blogs, among them the very first attempt, Angie’s Place, lost when I tried to make it a .com address to get more space. I’ve never learned that lesson, though, because I did it two more times, with my present one the latest. Soooo, I’ve started a new one: http://Kyangelsreflectionsonlife.wordpress.com. That’s the only one I can gain access to myself now, and I’ve been reblogging from that one to the paid account, which I’ll probably have to delete eventually. No one can find it, including me, so it is just sitting there doing nothing. Oops, sorry ’bout dumping my frustrations on you. Love you, sweet Lady! ❤


      • I’m so sorry. It can be so frustrating to navigate these high tech things. And you can share your frustrations anytime. I’m grumbling almost daily about the changes the “unhappiness” engineers keep making on WP‼️ Apparently they are unfamiliar with the old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” Hugs and kisses dear Angie❣️😘❤️

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      • I think I have done so many posts about the “unhappiness” engineers I’m beginning to look a little bit boring, Natalie. I have found my first blog out in the ether, where it’s been playing hide ‘n seek for several years and I’m reblogging them so I can save them. I lost that blog a few years ago, after I made the payment for a.com address. Started another one and it got lost for the same reason. I think I have finally learned my lesson, and I’m gonna cancel my latest .com address and try to get a refund for the time not used. 😘😗😇

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      • It doesn’t look like that will happen. And since even I can’t open that one, or the next one I tried, now you can find me at http://KentuckyAngel24.wordpress.com
        If that one doesn’t work I’m just going to call it wasted effort and stop blogging. I’m just too tired to continue fighting a hopeless battle. Love you Lady. ❤

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