the other side


“Nothing which implies contradiction falls under the omnipotence of God.”
Thomas Aquinas,
Summa Theologica,
5 Vols

O Lord, I cry to you for help; in the morning my prayer comes before you.
Psalm 88:14

(a lone lily finds its way though to the “other side” of a worn fence /
Mackinac Island, MI / Julie Cook / 2017)

Turn to me and have pity on me, for I am left alone and in misery.
The sorrows of my heart have increased; bring me out of my troubles.
Look upon my adversity and misery and forgive me all my sin.

Psalm 25:88:1416-17

Anyone ever having had some sort of procedure or surgery has undoubtedly
heard that old wives tale, based either on conjecture or fact,
that the third day is always the hardest, the worst
or the day that frustratingly sees one falling backwards in the process
mending and healing….


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I wanted to reblog this and did the other night but because the type was in black, it couldn’t be read on the black background of my page. So Nico gave me permision to use it in a post that could be read. I also changed the image from the one he used. Lighthouses have always fascinated me as do the spiral staircases that go up to the top. And I thought it would add to the drama of his words “to lift us all-once again.” Enjoy. Natalie

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