The unthinkable happened…

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The unthinkable happened again today, this time in a small church in Texas. It was yet another act of crude violence carried out in absolute incoherence and in an absurd want of meaning to borrow part of a line by Oscar Wilde. And as always it leaves us heartbroken in its wake. So tonight, I, as are the families who suffered losses in this senseless act of mayhem, struggle for answers and ways to regain our equilibrium. May none of us be shaken in our faith and may we continue to cling to what we know is true, what is tried, and what is indestructible, the Lord God Almighty. Please pray for the families torn by this heinous attack and for the world at large for peace can only come if and when we come together as one and let peace begin with each and every one of us in our daily comings and goings.

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