There is the…

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This doesn’t apply just to me. There are countless others out there for whom this is a debilittating reality, and though there are those of you who are not the unfortunate victims of chronic pain, this kind of darkness and suffering is beyond belief for many. And it is easy to dismiss its reality and/or intensity because it can’t be seen and/or felt by others. It is nonetheless a very cruel reality for those whose lot in life is to bear it, and it’s time there be an awareness of its victims, not trite sympathy nor pity for them, but awareness, understanding, and acceptance The fact that distant and different are our words when in the throes of endless bouts of angoninizng pain, means not that we don’t care about others, it simply means our focus has turned inward while we try to hang on and cope. Love, Natalie

**Image via Pinterest; text added by Natalie