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When we are sad, when our hearts are breaking,

We need to be wrapped in the protection of God’s holy wings,

Each pinion gently lays over us – cuddling and nurturing,

The softness and strength are overwhelming,

He breathes His presence upon us and gives new life,

He speaks and we are comforted,

His touch is gentle yet full of amazing power,

His steadfastness feeds us,

Nourishes our souls,

Guards us from all evil,

His love is unfailing,

A love so great that it’s indescribable,

His compassion is equal to His might,

We will never be alone as long as He is with us,

Whether in hopeless moments or times of joy,

Lord, be in our hearts, minds and understanding.

Be with us in life so that we will know you fully,

When we meet you face to face.

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