Thursday Thought 22nd February 2018 Bye for now, Billy

Hayley Boden

Billy Graham passed away yesterday (21st February) at the grand age of 99. This is my tribute.

Thank you for defending the rights of the outcast and the downtrodden and for standing up for freedom and equality.

“Christianity is not a white man’s religion and don’t let anyone tell you it’s white or black, Christ belongs to all people.”

Thank you for your willingness to befriend ‘the enemy’ and for taking the gospel and light of Jesus to the darkest parts of the earth.

“I want to go as their friend. I want to see some of the positive things there, come out and report on them, because there has been so much negativism about North Korea.”

Thank you for being a role model and example for Christian men and husbands.

“We pledged among ourselves to avoid any situation that would have even the appearance of compromise or suspicion. From…

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8 thoughts on “Thursday Thought 22nd February 2018 Bye for now, Billy

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  2. Oh how I loved him I went to his library or whatever it is called and my goodness it was wonderful
    He preached taught helped and guided so many to Christ
    And I was one and I thank that man for showing me dying of really was
    I loved to hear him preach
    I listen to him as I sleep at night I play his preaching and fall asleep to them and it calms me and I learn so much.

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