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  1. Food for thought! It’s been so long since I’ve been outside to look in a pool or a running brook that I haven’t thought about this, Natalie. And I was the family philosopher. VEry stressful day/week/month for me, so not much will make sense. 17 year old grandson possibly in hospital in Nashville, unsure at moment. Fainting spells and tests inconclusive. Doctors consulting. Praying, texting, more praying, worrying needlessly, but that’s whagrandma does best! Love you, Sis

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      • A friend was here yesterday and we went out to my old place on Highway 81. Saw lots of my favorite Daffy Down Dillies, my grandmother’s house and the field I crossed from my house to spend the afternoon with her, my house, all the cousins homes—. a wonderful day! Sunshine, but we didn’t go down to the creek, just to my Alma Mater, Mount St. Joseph , once a girls boarding school but now a convention center. A wonderful day out for us both.


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