I wanted to…

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I wanted to write tonight about springtime. I wished to celebrate the beauty of daffodils and such. I yearned to speak of songbirds and the earth’s dependable faithfulness. But once again, I’m shaken to my very core and sobbing about the reality that there are those who place NO value whatsoever on another human being’s life and/or well being. Not only that but there are those who would pose a serious, if not fatal, emotional threat to a child who has already had to endure a heinous crime, especially from someone who him or herself has had to undergo such a sickening and evil reality. Seriously when does it all stop? How many times does someone have to die or to bleed or to be broken before the hatred and hurting in the world comes to an end? There’s not a human being alive that doesn’t know pain, both physical and emotional, and so why would anyone choose to inflict either on another individual, especially an innocent child who, through NO fault of his/her own, has been robbed of his/her childhood and joy and faith? How do such people sleep at night? I’m not naive; I understand that life can be unbelievably shitty and unfair, but if that has been one’s experience in life, why would he/she want to perpetuate those realities by doing the same to others? My faith is strong, and I know that such things break God’s heart too so I will eventually recover. But the blow of something I was informed about today that is so incredibly selfish and tragic and damaging has thrown off my inner balance and I’m struggling to upright myself and remember that not all are like that and that some can and do make a difference by being kind and loving, compassionate and forgiving even when it takes every ounce of wherewithal they possess to do so.

**Photo taken in her yard by Natalie

38 thoughts on “I wanted to…

  1. I was just thinking about how the world is such a mix of pain and beauty, sorrow and joy. It is so hard to understand why people harm the innocent. I don’t understand it at all. They say that hurt people hurt people. But it still doesn’t make sense. It’s still wrong. And still, the daffodils bloom. I feel some of your sadness, dear Natalie. Thank you for sharing these feelings with us. I’m sending prayers and angels with daffodils to comfort you and those you love. ❤

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  2. Its a real struggle to fathom such behaviour but eventually justice will prevail in the case of evil people who do evil things with no remorse or repentance. I pray that Gods grace will help the person you speak of to pull through, and bring comfort to yourself.

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  3. Not sure what to say Natalie. No words of comfort or promises of prayer are ever enough. Sometimes Spring is pulled back into winter as it was here over the weekend. But my neighbour’s daffodils that were crushed by the weight of eight inches of snow on Sunday are now lifting their heads skywards again – they’ve made it to 45 degrees so far. I believe that by the end of today they will be fully upright again and stunningly beautiful. God bless. David

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  4. Those who are enduring unimaginable pain, that know not of God or who have turned their back on Him, must in some way alleviate that discomfort, they inflict upon others what is within out of revenge or whatever, alas the thrill does not last and the pain comes back more severe and the cycle continues. May God bless them and provide comfort and grace to those affected. imho

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  5. These are very, VERY broken people, living in a reality that isn’t cohesive with true reality (though isn’t a substantial part of society in today’s world, even if not sociopaths?). It pains me to hear you so upset, but you are with good reason. The best we can do, rather than cultivate anger and upset, is to feel, think, speak of and send love to the ones in pain – the ones who are hurt. ❤

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  6. You have such a beautiful faith, Natalie. I understand what you are saying and I know how you feel. It’s a real blow when we find out how much brutality there is in the world.
    I really hope this horrible tide of hatred and cruelty will turn soon. Thinking of you. Lots of love xxxx

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  7. Your faith will help you move on Natalie. The one thing every single person in the world has in common and that’s free will. The good Lord watches how we use it and we all will have to answer for our behavior for eternity. You, my dear, are an angel put here on earth to cry for some and help those that need your loving words. I appreciate you as many others do. Thank you for being you. xo

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  8. In the words of Bob Dylan,”How many times must a man look up before they call him a man?—-the answer my friend is written in the wind, the answer is written in the wind”. And unfortunately, as we all know if we but listen, even the wind no longer blows free. The young people are now trying to take back their freedom by speaking out about guns in the schools. Bless them! They are what the rest of us have been afraid to do. There is new hope now. I pray they will succeed where we have stopped trying. Stop the apathy and maybe there is still time to save what we gave away.

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