A blessing for…

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Today is the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere. And I’ve begun to love the marking the seasons. It’s still a relatively new practice for me, but I’m starting to realize that there is much wisdom and many blessings to be garnered in being aware of and embracing their annual cycles and that there is much to learn from paying attention to their comings and goings and stayings for that matter. By allowing these calendar days to remind us to stop and notice that time is moving, we find an amazing rhythm and life force within them which keeps the world moving and keeps us alive. Learning to live within and celebrate the natural cycles of the years also reminds us that since God is the Creator, it is His life force which keeps us spinning on our little planet. And it was He who in the beginning set in motion that which prompts the animals to awaken from their winter hibernation, that which prods seeds to germinate, that which encourages tiny green leaves to push up through the dark earth towards the light, that which guides wild geese on their annual trek back to summer homes, and on and on goes His grand design. And the more I learn to live within and celebrate these seasonal shifts, the more wonder I have for the way they hold the particulars of Creation together and in place at the right time as well as the incredible force and energy contained in them and the stunning beauty of what each of them brings. Perhaps that’s why I hear the equinox asking of me today, what is awakening in you? What is ready to blossom? And what are you being called to give your energy to in this coming season of light?

**Image found on Pinterest along with in part the text beneath it. I have adapted and edited it considerably but it was Fiona who gave life to its thoughts and truths.



18 thoughts on “A blessing for…

  1. I like how you call this the season of light. That is genius. I noticed it was spring and I thought of Jesus. Easter just around the corner. I love the analogy of light for truth and how Jesus is the light. Thank you for this inspiration. I like too thinking of my potential. How far away from that I feel. Not me but His potential through me.

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  2. I want to rise above the negative voice within me, and learn how to love myself. To not let the judgments and measurements of others get me down, and find peace in the love of Jesus Christ. To become a stronger light in the world according to his will.

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