Line by line

Peace, Love and Patchouli

We cast our wishes like nets
attempting to catch the life of dreams
imagined in places between the lines,
captured or falling through
it’s all the same
when you move line by line
tightrope walking of the mind
silver threads we follow along
pulling ourselves through the moments
afraid of getting lost along the way
we wind the length hand over hand
and tuck away the ends
for safer keeping.
The net waits patiently
on the high wire act we balance
to the mercy of the ocean winds that blow,
we teeter and right ourselves,
making good with what goes wrong
and rejoicing in the right that comes
and one foot in front of the other
we see the end before us
the place where safety calls,
one last step to the firm ground
we stand in the sun that warms
and wonder how we found our way through

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