Revue: Shadows Beneath the Palms

Through Ink & Image

© Lynn Abbott Studios. Used with Permission.

©2018 Lynn Abbott

Without a doubt, crowds can be fickle…

The workplace?  Fragile.

Friendships? Variable.

Relationships?  Tenuous.

Popularity?  Fleeting.

We learn early.  Yet, betrayal nevertheless blindsides us again and again throughout our lives.

There is always that one: the gossip, the slanderer, the jealous, the back-stabber, and yes, the bully…one who wishes to tear down rather than build up…

Sometimes, the pain comes from places we least expect.  We bleed emotionally from unanticipated blows.

Maybe, you’ve been there.  Perhaps, you walk this road today.  You began with high hopes; your dreams dashed in the face of injustice.

There is One who understands.  Scripture tells us that our Great High Priest sympathizes with our pain.  Yes, God-incarnate walked such a road.

For the uninformed eye-witness, such events likely seemed outside the realm of possibility.

After all, Christ’s popularity was undeniable.

If there were any…

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