Some days…

there’s good news. Some days there is bad news. And then there are days when both good and bad news present themselves. Such has been today’s fare. The first good news is my grandsons were flying in for a week long visit today. The bad was that it was snowing where they live and so the plane was slow to get up and off the ground and then it was raining here so again the fight was delayed because of the stormy weather. But the good news is they finally got here safely and soundly. Next as we were coming home from taking them to eat at one of their favorite eating places, we were involved in a car wreck. However on the other hand luckily none of us were hurt nor were any of those injured in the other car. Last but not least, the bad news is that yesterday’s biopsy showed that I have a small cancer in my right breast. But we’re hoping and praying that the good news will be that there is no lymph involvement, that it has been caught early enough for it to be easily removed, and that I will survive the surgery. This will be a test of my faith because there is always a risk in surgery, and mine has increased considerably because of my age and because I had a stroke 4 and a half years ago. So as spring unfolds more of her glory, I too shall wait for more life and more health and another miracle. I see the surgeon on April 11th and we’ll know more then. Thank all of you who have expressed your concern and offered up prayers and well wishes. Hugs and blessings, Natalie

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**Photo taken in her yard by Natalie; text added by Natalie

63 thoughts on “Some days…

  1. Prayers for you and yours during this trying time. I hope the surgery goes well and you come out with flying colors. God willing you will have many more years to praise God and his great mercies. Enjoy the boys while they are there. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. love and hugs……and a good visit with your grandson….of course I will keep you in my prayers and know you will fly through this surgery…Love you my friend…

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  3. I’m so happy that your grandchildren are with you, i know how full your heart is when with them. The car accident is scary, though thank goodness no one was hurt. The news about the breast cancer, remain positive in thought and word “thoughts and words manifest, be mindful.” If small enough, it can be nothing more than a TINY removal, outpatient, and if not spread, just some radiation, the size of a freckle for 30-31 days and then it’s over my love. My mother had breast cancer back in 2001, what I just described is what she went through … then 5 years on a medication (with zero side effects), and until her last day on earth she remained cancer free. BELIEVE and SAY to yourself, it’s tiny and nothing. BELIEVE and SAY to yourself, it’ll be easily taken care of. BELIEVE and SAY to yourself, it was caught very early and will be easily resolved, BELIEVE and SAY to yourself, it will be gone soon enough without harsh surgery or harsh treatment. BELIEVE and SAY to yourself “I AM okay” – “I WILL survive” – “I AM protected.” As you know, aside from my mother’s first time of hearing the “C” word for herself, all frenzy took place. I then had thyroid cancer in 2012, and upon hearing the “C” word, all frenzy takes place. Something about that darn “C” word causes all of your insides to turn inside out. You WILL be okay, it WILL BE over with soon enough. Don’t let the “C” word scare you, they’ll remove the cell/tissue, which I’m sure is small at this point, you’ll barely notice the scar within weeks, or less – and it won’t hurt much within days – and if you do need radiation, it’s only the going and knowing why you’re going that causes the anxiousness and fear – so go into knowing that – because the reality is, you have nothing to fear. I’m holding space for you and truly believe all I’ve just said to you. I don’t feel it Nitty, and my intuition usually goes off like an antenna, it’s going to be fine. One breath at a time – don’t let letters “C” scare you – they’re nothing more than letters and words, they hold no strength, but you do. ❤ Loving you dearly my Nitty. xoxoxoxox

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  4. Wrapping you in love Natalie. I sense you are in very good hands. Lovely to have your grandchildren with you and that you were all safe in the car accident. There are times when life flows in a tidal wave; we are all with you as loving anchors. ❤

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  5. Oh, Natalie, how did I miss this. My Prayers, though belated are going up as I write this We all have our tests this year it seems, and I think you will pass with the highest marks ever! Faith will see you safely thru to whatever God has planned . for you, and it will be wonderful. I’ve seen both sides and know that you are so loved that you will be okay. You will be blogging about that surgery as the doctor is trying to put you to sleep. Maybe I should send him/her my rubber mallet as a back-up for the anesthetic. ❤

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  6. I am so sorry to hear your bad news, Natalie but I know it will turn into good news for you. As you know I am fighting cancer for the fourth time and your words are helping me daily. I include you in my daily prayers always and know that you will keep shining. I believe that things like this are always a test of faith and grace from the heavens above. Thank you, beautiful lady, your star shines brightly in many hearts. ♥♥♥♥

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