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  1. I’ve given up a few times, but it just doesn’t last very long, Sis. Keep thinking I’ll just sit and lick my wounds for a year or two bt just can’t control my hands when they pick up that darn crochet hook and start to work! Giving up isn’t an option when I’m busy, and just can’ sit still, so the world is stuck with me! How are you these days? I’ve been nursing my latest bruises and the inevitable sinuses! Two more winters to go before summer sticks around longer than 15 minutes!

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      • I’m still praying for you every day. So glad the incisions are not causing problems–itching was always the worst part for me! Nothing worse than wanting to scratch and knowing ya just can’t touch the area at all. With my alligator skin I go through gallons of lotion each week, and still watch my dry skin flake off. Makes me wonder if I really NEED that soap with my shower or just use baby oil instead. ❤

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