Of Birds and Rain

Scattered Thoughts

When it rains, the world dances in its rhythm. I can always feel it while looking out of the window. The incessant raindrops creating a wave as they lash at the windowpanes, making the scenery outside looking like an impressionist painting gone awry.

As I was on a tour a few days ago and, in the morning rain started pouring in, the pluviophile in me was compelled to take a look outside from the safe haven of the hotel balcony. The rain was drumming on the puddled ground, the leaves were gleaming in joy and, then…. I noticed the birds! They had perched silently and, to my utter surprise, they were enjoying the rain. They didn’t even try to take a refuge under a tree or among the foliage, instead, they sat their silently, savouring ethereal drops and, they grant me ample time to fetch my camera so that I…

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