Praise the…

the Lord and hallelujah; the bone marrow biopsy and the endoscopy/colonoscopy have been completed! Now the waiting for the results begins. Your prayers and well wishes have helped me get through these difficult days, and of course the Lord’s deliverance of strength needed for each day as well as His repeated admonishments to fear and worry not for He will uphold me with His Righteous Right Hand are the fuel that keeps me able to keep putting one foot in front of the other in faith!

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38 thoughts on “Praise the…

  1. I am so grateful your tests and exams are bringing you closer to answers, Natalie. You have been in my prayers and so glad God’s blessings may help to keep you here for many years ahead.
    Landen turns 13 this month and his tests found his malignant masses to be “Ewing’s Carcinoma.” He is on prednizone and faces radiation and chemo. He is in Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Hugs and prayers sent for your whole family. xo ❤

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