I’ve kept expecting…

the problem causing an outage to be resolved every day. But sadly our phones and TV’s and computers are all tied to ATT’s Uverse whose main facility’s power source was struck by lighting in a powerful storm recently. As a result we have no internet service on phones or computers or TV reception at the house. Thus anything I post has to be done when we get out to get my chemo shot for the day, and then today I finally ran out of drafts I’d saved to post on WP. And because the chemo is making me so nauseous, I don’t stay away from home to use some public Wifi to respond to comments and/or go to the reader to find your posts. So please forgive my absence. Surely they will get the problem repaired SOON! Love, N 😊❤️

15 thoughts on “I’ve kept expecting…

  1. You deserve rest as much as anyone, but especially with so much on your plate already. Don’t worry a bit. There is nothing to forgive. We’ll be here. And you are in our hearts.


  2. The Holler got struck by lightening, blew out everything while my son in law was here alone taking care of things. It turned on all the orchard sprinklers and shorted the electrical systems. We got a new router and it was good as new. We also learned how smart and capable our son in law is. Hope all is restored soon and still praying for you.


  3. That is what I was thinking about the internet. I totally understand not getting away from home. Ask the next time you go if they can give you something for the nausea. You don’t need to loose much weight. Love and prayers continued.


  4. Hope you feel better soon. When this sort of thing happens, one feels as if you are missing a huge amount, but not to worry. Just relax. Everyone will be here for your return.


  5. Don’t worry, Natalie, we are and always will be here for you. Take your time, rest as much as you can, and do what is best for your health. You are in our daily thoughts and prays. I am keeping a candle lit 24/7 for you, sweet angel. I am also looking forward to hearing good news from you and hopefully, I will be able to give you some good news at the end of May 2019. Bless you. xoxo


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