I have often…

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**Image found on Pinterest; text added by Natalie

I wish somebody would tell this to the physicians
and insurance companies who seem to think
when someone gets to be my age at 76 I’m
not worth saving any more.

19 thoughts on “I have often…

  1. So sorry to hear that Natalie, I hear this quite often.. other countries are much more advanced, this country is all about $$$ and it’s run by the Pharmaceuticals who are backing the politicians and would have been worse if Hillary got in, because that’s who’s backing her… I think that’s why they’re always on Trump’s back, one of his promises where to dropped the prices. If it were me I get in touch with a nutritionist to help build up my blood and strength and even look into alternative medicine. Your only 76 years old, you have a lot of years left!
    God bless you and guide you to Better Health..😘💕

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  2. 76 is not as old as it was when I was 26 or 36. Maybe the doctors and people who make the rules are too young (mentally and spiritually) to understand that. But regardless, they are wrong. I like the idea of adding alternative medicine. Healing energy is coming your way!

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