Thank you, Jesus…

A little good news tonight. For the first time in weeks and weeks, my hemoglobin held its own this week and I don’t have to have a transfusion tomorrow. So apparently the chemo is working, and now to keep praying that it continues to work and give me the miracle I need.

72 thoughts on “Thank you, Jesus…

  1. Praying for you my dear sister! I just got over an illness myself! Here is a prayer for you, pray it to the Lord!… Hugs and blessings always Natalie!

    A Prayer For Healing

    You will ever be the love who sustains me
    The joy which will always enrich my soul
    You consistently will be the true happiness
    Which my spirit will always seek to know

    When troubling times try to surround me
    When in my life it seems I cannot go on
    I will wait on You Lord in constant prayer
    For my faith in You will keep me strong

    I pray to You from deep within my heart
    To take my troubling illness far away
    For I know whenever I pray to You Lord
    You’ll send your blessings without delay

    I pray for the wellness of those sick today
    As You send Your healing blessing their way
    That any sickness which tries to overcome them
    By Your amazing grace in their lives won’t stay

    Please bless all of their families this morning
    With a true healing gift which will never fade
    And we will send You many prayers of thanks
    Which will glorify Your name daily in every way

    You, Lord, are the One who provides sweet blessings
    The living God, who showers us with love each day
    And we steadfastly believe in Your awesome power
    Knowing its healing energy will nourish us always.

    Wendell A. Brown

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  2. Dearest sweet Natalie, I hope this is the first of many steps to a better, healthy self. 🦋 I love you dearly and hope the treatments transform your life. The transfusions must be painful and may God help you to become stronger inside as I know your Faith is huge! 🙏 💖 💐

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  3. Bonjour ou bonsoir NATALIES
    Que le temps passe vite
    Il nous dépasse
    On voudrait parfois qu’il s’arête
    On ne peux le contrôler
    Ca ne sert à rien de le défier
    Le temps est là pour nous dire que l’on prends de l’âge
    Il nous reste qu’à l’accepter
    De profiter des beaux moments de la vie
    Et de vivre chaque instant présent
    Moi je profite de te dire
    Belle journée ou belle soirée
    Gros bisous , Bernard


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