14 thoughts on “For I know…

  1. This is one of my Favorites Natalie, it reminds me that all Good things come from God not bad, He is Love and Love can do no evil or does He plan it.

    I hope your Health has improved Natalie and your feeling stronger, was it a Iron deficiency? or something else.

    Keeping you in Prayer – Anne.


  2. I have been told 3 times Natalie during the last 5 mths by Cardiologists that I could die at any time but you may have noticed that I’m still alive,,. well I hope you did Natalie Lol.

    The same thing has been said to me before and more than once over the last 27 years by other Doctors for different reasons but for sure Natalie until our Allotted time on Earth is over we won’t die and only God knows when we will, nobody else does.

    Keeping you in Prayer dear Natalie and God Bless you Greatly,

    Anne, Freedomborn.


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