In the nuance of evening…


“We are all just walking each other home.”
― Ram Dass

the nuance of evening

In the nuance
of evening,
collect your thoughts,
in gentleness
and compassion,
stay the course…

In kindness to yourself
and each
living being,
no negativity
should darken
inspired ways of seeing…

And soak
up nature,
feel the earth
beneath your feet,
taste the sweet ambrosia
of merciful beats…

Sing out of tune
when nobody’s home,
let your mind
and your body roam.

Forgive quickly
when offended
by some,
guard against hatred,
and in love
a transcended being
filled with light,
of darkness
or the foreboding
of night…

Awaken in the mornings
knowing you survived,
perhaps undone
by suffering,
but fully alive…

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