24 thoughts on “Walk away…

  1. I’m printing this out so I will remember it, Sis. Concussed from a hard fall last night but unable to settle down and rest, sleep, or even try to convalesce. I’ve learned many of these already but constantly need this to remind me. I love you lady. Can barely see from my right eye now but most of what I do is by touch anyway and from this close the left eye works so well.

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  2. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon amie

    La mélodie du cœur
    Celle que l’on entend qu’une fois et qui nous transporte si loin
    Au delà des nuages et au delà des paysages

    La mélodie du cœur ne s’invente pas elle s’écoute
    Elle est si belle
    La mélodie du cœur
    Elle nous transporte, fait pousser des ailes d’anges dans le dos
    Qu’elle te transporte au paradis là ou tout est éternel
    Que ce weekend à venir soit une explosion de bonheur avec tes proches
    Bonne journée ou belle soirée
    gros bisous


  3. Dear Natalie, I am so glad you notified me of the changes in your treatment; especially because of the renewed energy, and the enriched atmosphere that you have been blessed with. I can’t help but say Praise the Lord! you have been placed immediately on my new prayer list and my thanks to Him for this change that was initially difficult to give in to. Please wish your husband the best in his recovery. It is tough to have both of you down at the same time. I think of you so often and my daughter here has urged me to write and ask for your mailing address. If you don’t mind my having it please do send it. It would be an honor. Good night sweet lady. Marie


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